Service and commitment_珠海泰坦新动力电子有限公司

Commitment to the user

1、In the quality assurance period, any design, manufacture, material selection, supporting and transportation and other aspects of our company caused by equipment damage, defects or failures, we are free to repair or replacement.

2、After the quality guarantee period, our company provides the equipment lifelong maintenance service, receives its cost.

3、Strengthen after-sales service, the "24 hours service", "advance service", "the whole process of service", "lifelong service" in product manufacturing, installation, commissioning, repair of the whole process. I am a 24 - hour service hotline, accept customer complaints at any time, to the customer within 1 hours after receiving customer complaints in the maintenance of aircraft navigation scheme, 200 kilometers (highway distance) within 24 hours to arrive at the scene.

4、According to the provisions of the contract for the demand side related equipment installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of technical business courses.

5、To meet the demand of spare parts.

6、In any case, we must not with any reason for the.
Aftermarket phone: lithium battery into volume products 0756-3321798(office) Lithium battery test equipment 0756-3321798 / 3325651(office)